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Case Study
Online Account Opening

Frictionless online account opening

Case Study: Financial Services

See how a top 10 retail bank supercharged their new customer account opening process and achieved a 70% increase in new application approvals.

Machine Learning for Fraud

A Primer to Machine Learning for Fraud Management

E-book: Machine Learning for Fraud

Learn how to eliminate high maintenance rules based engines, reduce false positives & make better decisions with machine learning basics.

Web Fraud Prevention

Web Fraud Prevention & Online Authentication

Report: Web Fraud & Identity

This 119 page report is for payment fraud professionals who want to get the latest up-to-date data on cybersecurity & US EMV migration, best practices in identifying fraudsters and learn the myths around machine learning.

Ecommerce Fraud

Ecommerce Fraud the Dark Cloud Over Online Transactions

Infographic: ECommerce Fraud

Get a quick overview of the $32 billion dark cloud over online transactions & how to fight back with a multi-layer strategy that includes: Two-Factor Authentication, Biometrics, Location & Activity, Tokenization, & Shared Negative Lists

Machine Learning

A Deep Dive Into Machine Learning

Webinar: A Deep Dive Into Machine Learning

In this webinar, Dr. Pedro Bizarro,Feedzaiā€™s co-founder and CSO dymystifies machine learning and presents the latest buzz in a straightforward fashion.

Intro to Machine Learning

The 5-Minute Intro to Machine Learning

Infographic: 5-Minute Intro to Machine Learning

See a brief history of machine learning and why the time is now to use machine learning for fraud prevention.

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