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Whether you are a bank, acquirer, merchant or any player in the commerce value chain, Feedzai is all you need to manage your entire payment risk. Online or offline, card or non-card, Feedzai offers an Any Data. Any Payment.™ risk engine that helps prevent fraud using machine learning.

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What’s Next for Machine Learning for Fraud

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What’s the current state of explainability in machine learning for fraud?

In this ebook, read about the critical need for an AI system that can share its thought process with us in perfectly human terms, so we can transform machine learning into machine teaching.

Choosing a Machine Learning Platform for Risk (Banking)

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A Guide for Banks and Payment Processors

Download this report to peek into the future of fraud. Learn more about:
1)Explainable Whitebox AI
2)Precise segment-of-one profiling
3)Future-proof data ingestion and
4)Better enterprise fraud protection

Operationalizing Machine Learning For Fraud

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Key Considerations For Evaluating AI For Fraud Prevention

Read this free 11-page report and get actionable insights to help you create a strategy for taking charge of the AI disruption that’s well underway.

The Future is Feedzai

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We’ve built a powerful platform with foresight into next-generation fraud technology that gives real utility to data feeds that come from new and unexpected sources. Feedzai is looking at commerce transactions as an ecosystem model, and we’re disrupting the conventional thinking about risk and pioneering a new approach to risk management.

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With the ground truth of actual chargebacks and other fraudulent behavior as the benchmark, a head-to-head comparison of Feedzai’s detection performance using past transaction logs can demonstrate the value of our machine learning approach.