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Whether you are a bank, acquirer, merchant or any player in the commerce value chain, Feedzai is all you need to manage risk in today’s world of multirail, real time payments. Online or offline, card or mobile, Feedzai offers the most advanced machine learning engine to mitigate fraud and stay compliant

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See how Feedzai drastically reduces false positives and increases customer satisfaction with today’s most advanced risk management and AML platform powered by big data and machine learning.


  • Transfer and instant transfers examples from around the globe
  • The key differences between traditional and instant transfers
  • How to prevent instant payments from becoming instant fraud losses
  • Overcome your money laundering challenges
  • Consolidate data to get 360-degree views of transactions
  • Predict your customers’ immediate needs and behavior
  • Save your team countless hours
  • What are the obstacles facing in-house teams of data scientists and AI engineers
  • Why a model might excel in the sandbox and fail in the field
  • Why the same open source components can result in very different capabilities
  • Why fraud detection is only the beginning, not the end
  • Why there’s a meaningful difference between difficult and really difficult

The Future is Feedzai

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We’ve built a powerful platform with foresight into next-generation fraud and AML technology that gives real utility to data feeds that come from new and unexpected sources. Feedzai looks at payment transactions at an ecosystem level, disrupting the conventional thinking about risk mitigation and pioneering a new approach to financial crime detection and management.



It takes 300 milliseconds for the human eye to blink. It takes 13 milliseconds for the brain to process visual information. In less than 3 milliseconds, Feedzai can evaluate thousands of decisions to score a transaction in real-time.

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