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A Machine Learning Platform for Fraud and Risk

Decisions on Demand, Running at Big Data Scale

A choice of a cloud-hosted solution or an onsite deployment in your data center. Flexible and rapid execution combined with unique features and functionality purpose-built to fight fraud.



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Feedzai Anti-Fraud


A Superior Combination of Human & Machine Intelligence

We’re using fluid machine-learning, paired with human insight and intuition. Blending the two creates a powerful combination that both understands and prevents fraud. This cutting edge intelligence means Feedzai future-proofs your business against technologies that will evolve to defraud your company.


The Power to Transform Data into Infinite Possibilities

The more data you have, the more power your business can harness for fraud detection and prevention. You no longer have to be daunted by the sheer volume of data and information. Feedzai helps you thrive in the overwhelming mass, and turns big data into insights and tools to reduce risk and eradicate fraud.


Changing the Rules and the Entire Game

We’ve built a powerful platform with foresight into next-gen fraud technology and giving real utility to data feeds that come from new and unexpected sources. Feedzai is looking at commerce transaction as an ecosystem model, we’re disrupting the conventional thinking about risk and offers a pioneering approach to fraud protection.

Customizable Reports
Real-Time Dashboards
Real-Time Dashboards

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Our technology is interesting to read about, but it’s fascinating to see it work in real-time.

Contact us today, and we’ll schedule a demo. With the ground truth of actual chargebacks and other fraudulent behavior as the benchmark, a head-to-head comparison of Feedzai’s detection performance using past transaction logs can demonstrate the value of our machine learning approach.

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