Personified computer with human hands putting AI bias in its brain

Understanding AI Bias in Banking

As banks invest in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to improve their services they must understand how AI bias can influence their operations, public perceptions, and their customers’ lives. Follow the blog for the latest trends in ethical AI and delve into other posts on this

The Ethics of AI, and Why We Should All Care

Four pillars to follow for the ethical development of artificial intelligence: the evolution of artificial technology has gone far beyond the theoretical realm. We live in a time beyond just planning for AI advancements: we now have to consciously develop our products to ensure that they meet the highest ethical expectations.

Feedzai Frontiers: A Platform to Drive Maximum Good from Technology

Feedzai Frontiers is a global speaker series that brings thought leaders, decision makers, and industry titans together at leading conferences around the world to address the most important technological issues facing humankind. Our latest session took place last month at Money20/20 in Las Vegas

Why Feedzai Exists: Fighting Fraud at Speed and Scale

The economy's gone digital. Open banking initiatives like PSD2 in Europe have been creating a competitive environment for banks, in which data has become the new currency. <a href="">According to PwC</a>, in 2015, the year of the PSD2 release, the UK saw more electronic payments than cash payments for the first time. And in 2018, the year PSD2 went into effect, 20% of online transactions are likely to be made with mobile devices.