Accelerating the Shift to a Cashless Society

Consumers worldwide made a hard pivot to both online banking and shopping because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And all signs indicate they’re not planning to go back. Pandemic-driven lockdowns have helped to usher in a cashless era.

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Feedzai Q3 2021 Financial 
Crime Report

The Feedzai Q3 2021 Financial Crime Report – based on exclusive data from over 1.5 billion global transactions – takes a closer look at how both consumer and fraudster habits are changing. The findings include:


increase in P2P Payments


decrease in cash transactions


increase in online transitions

Our Solutions

Reduce fraud losses while keeping your customers safe

Account Opening

Create personalized application processes based on risk assessment and perform step-up authentication only when necessary. Acquire more customers in real-time with zero friction.

Transaction Fraud

Monitor all transactions throughout your entire business in real-time. Prevent even the most complex fraud occurrences with accuracy and scalability.

Anti-Money Laundering

Utilize powerful machine learning technology to detect complex money laundering typologies and visualize hidden relationships among transactions. Ensure complete transparency to alleviate regulatory scrutiny.

“This Partnership will support us in keeping up the pace in the fast-evolving banking world, especially when it comes to fighting fraud in a variety of channels and products.”

Christopher Lehner,
Head of RBI’s Group Compliance Division

Protecting Companies with+800M Customers Worldwide

Feedzai is the market leader in fighting fraud with AI. We’re coding the future of commerce with today’s most
advanced risk management platform powered by big data and machine learning.


of the world's Fortune500 Companies monitored


of 5 largest banks inNorth America protected


online transactions protected for2 of the world’s most valuableathletic brands


of global music streaming subscriptions monitored

Get the Feedzai Q3 2021 FinancialCrime Report Now

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Get the Feedzai Q3 2021 Financial Crime Report Now

Download Report