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A friendly customer may be committing fraud and not know it.

Friendly Fire: Dealing with Deliberate Chargebacks from Consumers

Card-not-present fraud is an issue every single e-commerce sees, often in the form of the chargeback.


The future of payments and what it means for fraud

The payments landscape is going through some exciting times. 


As card issuers embrace IoT, how will it affect payments?

The Internet of Things presents new vectors for payments – and fraud

    In early March 2016, the Mobile World Congress met in Barcelona.


    How will the Bitcoin split affect payments and fraud?

    In the early months of 2016, one issue dominated all discussion in cryptocurrency: Bitcoin could split in two.


    The importance of digital security patches for ecommerce

    Securing an online store is an ongoing challenge and an important one.


    IoT introduces a host of security issues for businesses.

    Security still a huge barrier for IoT adoption

    The Internet of Things has great implications for businesses and consumers alike, but the issue of security is still holding the industry back.


    Democratizing Data Can Help Fraud Prevention Evolve

    Fraud prevention’s most capable asset at present is analytics. By detecting patterns through data science, there’s a great chance that banks can find anomalies consistent with fraudulent transactions. However, the problem with data science is its complexity. Namely, the proportion of information that requires analysis


    Improving the Infrastructure of IoT for Fraud Frevention

      The Internet of Things can be a great tool for preventing fraud at various points of payment, as well as within e-commerce. However, if not properly invested and secured, it can also be a great liability. Often, the best way to mitigate the risk of


      5 Fraud Prevention Trends for 2016

      The end of the year is always a key time for businesses, with security ranking high on the list. With 2015 drawing to a close, it’s already time to begin thinking about fraud prevention in the new year. What will the fraud landscape look like


      Machine Learning and Cyber-Security: What are the Stakes?

        In cybersecurity, as in fraud prevention and detection, there is a constant movement between two forces: IT staff and cybercriminals. The latter always looks to outwit the former, whether to steal information from a database or take over a site, while the former keeps building


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