Illustration of how Feedzai is offering support to employees with new mental health and menstruation leave benefit

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How Feedzai Supports Mental Health / Menstruation at Work

At Feedzai, we have a reputation for being risk-takers and innovators. In our product, in…

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Reflecting on 2021 Hopes and Going into 2022

As February 1st begins our new Fiscal Year and the Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger),…

visual of Feedzai's geo-agnostic team model.

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Geo-Agnostic Team Building: How to Build Your Own

As vaccines enable organizations to return to “normal” not everyone is ready to forget…

illustration of how to create a smooth hiring experience for data scientists

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5 Ways to Improve Your Hiring of Data Scientists

Demand for top talent such as data scientists far outweighs available candidates. Because…

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6 Lessons Learned in 2020 and 5 Hopes for 2021

Feedzians and our followers on social media tell us in six words or less what they…

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How to Become a 100% Remote Company in Less Than 24 Hours

With twenty-four hours notice, Feedzai transitioned into a 100% remote company. This post…

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