A company employee falls for a CEO fraud scam in which a fraudster pretends to be their boss

0 Comments9 Minutes

How FIs Can Put CEO Fraud Out of Business

The golden rule for any modern worker boils down to four words: keep the boss happy.…

High-pressure scams based on opportunity targeting younger consumers and fear-based scams targeting elderly users

0 Comments13 Minutes

Feedzai Q&A: Everything You Need to Know About Scams

Scams take on many forms. From impersonation scams, to investment scams, to romance…

illustration of the rise of scams in India - Q&A with Dan Holmes and India FinTech Forum

0 Comments14 Minutes

The Rise of Scams in India and How Banks Can Stop Them

I recently participated in India Fintech Forum’s digital event, The Rise of Scams: Scams…

Illustration of how banks can calculate the costs of false positives

0 Comments9 Minutes

The Real Costs of False Positives for Banks

False positives are a thorn in the side of almost every bank. Not only are they a…

Illustration of how banks can catch money mules with inbound payment monitoring

0 Comments7 Minutes

Catch Money Mules with Inbound Payment Monitoring

Stopping outbound payments that pose a high fraud risk is the cornerstone of most…

0 Comments12 Minutes

Unpacking the Anatomy of Cryptocurrency Scams

According to the 2021 H1 update provided by UK Finance, U.K. banks have already lost over…

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