Depiction of fooling fraudsters by foiling phishing smishing and vishing scams

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Phishing, Vishing, and Smishing: How Banks and Consumers Can Foil Frauders this April Fool’s Day

Whether it’s through installing malware via a phishing email, filling out fraudulent…

Keeping international students safe from tuition fraud

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Keeping International Student Tuition Safe from Fraud

Every year, scores of international students travel beyond their home countries to attend…

protecting consumers from travel fraud in the post-pandemic world

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Travel Fraud to Watch Out For in the Post-Pandemic World

If there’s one thing that Feedzai’s Q2 2021 Financial Crime Report made clear, it’s this:…

illustration of how fraudsters use authorized push payment fraud to scam customers

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How Banks Can Stop APP Fraud

Fraudsters have several factors working in their favor these days. Instant payment…

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