Scam artists committing elder fraud against older couple - ahead of Grandparent's Day

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How Banks Can Prevent Elder Fraud this Grandparents Day

Grandparent’s Day is almost here! For banks it's a perfect time to think carefully about…

Illustration of the latest 2021 annual fraud report findings

0 Comments8 Minutes

Understanding the UK Finance 2021 Annual Fraud Report

Fraud continues to rise, which is made crystal clear in the latest Annual Fraud Report…

Depiction of fooling fraudsters by foiling phishing smishing and vishing scams

0 Comments9 Minutes

Phishing, Vishing, and Smishing: How Banks and Consumers Can Foil Frauders this April Fool’s Day

Whether it’s through installing malware via a phishing email, filling out fraudulent…

Keeping international students safe from tuition fraud

0 Comments11 Minutes

Keeping International Student Tuition Safe from Fraud

Every year, scores of international students travel beyond their home countries to attend…

protecting consumers from travel fraud in the post-pandemic world

0 Comments11 Minutes

Travel Fraud to Watch Out For in the Post-Pandemic World

If there’s one thing that Feedzai’s Q2 2021 Financial Crime Report made clear, it’s this:…

illustration of how fraudsters use authorized push payment fraud to scam customers

0 Comments12 Minutes

How Banks Can Stop APP Fraud

Fraudsters have several factors working in their favor these days. Instant payment…

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