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Payments, Friction, Customer Service, and Fraud

    Ali Paterson from Fintech Finance recently sat down with David Bailey, Head of Business Development and Customer Innovation at Santander UK and Feedzai’s own Andy Renshaw for “Payments, Friction, Customer Service, and Fraud.” What follows next is an insightful conversation that looks at customer friction


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    Feedzai AI: Tech Achievements in 2019 to make banking and commerce safe

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Automatic Model Monitoring
    • Machine learning
    • Omnichannel Case Manager

    Feedzai has one mission: to make banking and commerce safe. This mission drives every individual and department at Feedzai, but perhaps none more so than the Product and Research Teams. In 2019, they personified our mission by developing two groundbreaking technological advancements: omnichannel case manager


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    Money 20/20: 5 Key Insights from Feedzai’s Financial Crime and Tech Summit

    • Financial Crime Summit
    • Money 20/20

    Another Money 20/20 has come and gone, and with it, our 2nd Financial Crime and Technology Summit. The Summit featured risk management and AI executives from Citi, Microsoft, NASDAQ, Varo Money, Aite Group, BioCatch, IDC, Paysafe Group, and Point Predictive, as well as, Feedzai’s subject


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    EU Fifth AML Directive: How Banks Can Prepare for Five Key Changes

    • AML
    • Compliance

    The January 10 deadline for the EU’s Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD) is quickly approaching. Here are five key areas of change under 5AMLD and steps banks can take to prepare for them now.


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    AI Best Practices to Improve Enterprise Risk Outcomes

    • AI
    • Fraud prevention

    It’s no secret that fraud has grown more complex as the payments landscape changes, but what can organizations do to improve their risk outcomes? Listen in as a Feedzai expert discusses how you can leverage AI to stay ahead of financial crime and achieve your digital transformation goals.


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    Why It’s So Hard for Challenger Banks to Fight Financial Crime

    • Challenger Banks

    Challenger banks must protect their customer experience, yet, they also need to prevent fraud and be compliant. How can they accomplish this? With a risk strategy that enables customer-centricity.


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    Anti-Money Laundering (AML): 5 Steps to Avoid Fines

    • AML

    What could your firm do with over $2.9 billion? That’s the total amount of fines global regulators imposed on financial institutions in 2018 for non-compliance of anti-money laundering regulations. Learn 5 steps to avoid AML fines and increased regulatory scrutiny.


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    Key Takeaways from the Financial Crime and Technology Summit

      Key takeaways from the 2019 Financial Crime and Technology Summit at Money 20/20 Europe. Topics covered include AI, privacy, the future of fighting financial fraud, and integrity.


      An Omnichannel Strategy: is it right for credit unions?

      The new banking landscape requires credit unions to adapt and evolve to keep up with member demands. Many of these changes require credit unions to not only develop new methods of interaction, but also find ways to evolve and continue to support more traditional…


      Feedzai Frontiers: A Platform to Drive Maximum Good from Technology

        Feedzai Frontiers is a global speaker series that brings thought leaders, decision makers, and industry titans together at leading conferences around the world to address the most important technological issues facing humankind. Our latest session took place last month at Money20/20 in Las Vegas


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