Author:Ken Bui

A New Timescale for Fraud Science: Insights from Our CSO

    At Feedzai, we continue to break records in how quickly we begin delivering value to our customers. Speed of data science is important. The faster we can test and deploy new models, the sooner we can test multiple scenarios of rules and models and get


    Feedzai Raises $50 Million in Series C Funding as AI Fraud Prevention Platform Expands Globally

    Feedzai will continue investing in strengthening its global leadership position including a planned 150% increase in headcount throughout 2017


    Operationalizing Machine Learning for Fraud: Human + Machine Learning is the Best of Both

    Fraudsters are leveraging every tool and strategy they can to take advantage of large organizations. They are breaching big data exposures, wielding new technology, and manipulating vulnerabilities in the market complexity itself. At the same time, the industry is going increasingly real-time to meet customer


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