What banks can learn from PPP fraud losses

0 Comments10 Minutes

PPP Retrospective: Lessons to Prevent the Next Fraud Wave

While businesses and workers saw the $800 billion Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) as a…

how banks can avoid creating cranky customers with seamless user experiences

0 Comments7 Minutes

7 Ways Banks Can Deliver Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to irritation, there’s no shortage of sources. Spotty WiFi connectivity,…

Learn why fraud nomenclature should matter to banks

0 Comments9 Minutes

Why Fraud Nomenclature Should Matter to Banks

You would think “fraud” would be an easy enough term for the financial services sector to…

9 questions FIs should ask a machine learning vendor

0 Comments9 Minutes

9 Questions FIs Should Ask a Machine Learning Vendor

Choosing the right machine learning vendor can feel overwhelming. After all, the last…

6 important questions community banks should ask when investing in machine learning technology

0 Comments4 Minutes

6 Questions to Ask When Investing in a Machine Learning Fraud Platform

There are numerous machine learning solutions available, and choosing the right one can…

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