Author:Meagan Birch, Vice President of AML Solutions

Illustration of a man surrounded by hands giving him the thumbs up meant to represent a culture of compliance boosts growth

Create a Culture of Compliance to Boost Growth

  • AML
  • Compliance
  • Culture

In this post, we share the why and how of developing a culture of compliance around anti-money laundering efforts boosts growth for banks.   In a world where eighty-one percent of Millennials expect organizations to make a public commitment to being good corporate citizens, and more


Illustration of AML investigator searching in the dark with only the spotlight of a flashlight held by a large hand

Machine Learning: Rules vs. Models in Anti-Money Laundering Platforms

  • AML
  • Machine learning

Money laundering. Fueled by mobster movies and international espionage thrillers, the phrase has a mysterious, exciting edge to it. But as is often the case, the truth is far less appealing than the glitzy Hollywood version. In reality, money laundering is an activity that traps


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