Author:Michelle Advaney

Combating Account Fraud With Machine Learning: A Webinar with Feedzai and Aite

If only we could read a consumer’s intentions, we’d know whether the person opening an account has this secret goal in mind: to wait for time to pass, then commit fraud. One person will make a purchase using a line of credit, never pay it back, and disappear. Another person will build good credit history, open several new accounts, and then suddenly stop making payments.


Understanding the Unexplainable

Machine learning isn’t just another tool that’s available at a data scientist’s disposal to solve any type of problem. Data scientists have to follow an entire process that includes six stages. At Feedzai, we refer to this as the Data Science Loop. To learn more


Make Your Merchants Love You

Merchants today have the opportunity to reach their customers through different channels, creating new experiences that were never before imagined. In the early 2000s, customers were excited by the opportunity to shop online. Today, customers can order online and pick up in store, they can