Illustrations of how fraudsters use identity theft and account takeover fraud using stolen credentials

0 Comments5 Minutes

4 Ways Fraudsters Commit Account Takeover Fraud

Account takeover (ATO) fraud is a form of identity theft in which a fraudster gains…

Fraudsters using deepfakes technology to cause fraud losses for banks

0 Comments10 Minutes

Why Deepfake Fraud Losses Should Scare Financial Institutions

Putting on a spooky mask and giving a friend a jump is a fun Halloween tradition. Banks,…

Bank customer being compromised by mobile malware and on-device fraud attack

0 Comments8 Minutes

3 Steps to Stop Mobile Malware and On-device Fraud

Many of us are glued to our phones and devices these days. Unfortunately, if we’re not…

fraud team analyst overwhelmed by false positives

0 Comments8 Minutes

How New Tech Can Take The Burden Off Fraud Teams

Online banking fraud has become a massive industry for cybercriminals because it’s a…

Illustration of 4 types of complex ato attacks to watch for

0 Comments9 Minutes

4 Types Of Complex ATO You Need To Know About

Account takeover (ATO) is frequently thought of as a fraudster using someone’s genuine…

illustration of how banks can prevent fraud from global hot spots

0 Comments4 Minutes

3 Ways FIs Can Address Fraud From Any Hot Spots

As we covered in our first post, different types of fraud can originate from any…

Details of fraud hot spots around the world - Turkey, Nigeria, India, Morocco and North Korea

0 Comments9 Minutes

The Top 5 Hot Spots for Fraud Around the World

Fraud is a global problem. Some fraud types are more likely to originate from specific…

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