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Best-in-Class in Fraud &
Anti-Money Laundering Platforms by Aite Group

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Fraud and AML Machine Learning Platform AIM

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  • Unbiased information on machine learning platforms to help combat financial crime while maintaining positive customer experiences. 
  • Key recommendations for buyers and vendors
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Our Solutions

Detect and Prevent Financial Risk in Real time

Create personalized application processes based on risk assessment and perform step-up authentication only when necessary. Acquire more customers in real-time with zero friction.

Monitor all transactions throughout your entire business in real-time. Prevent even the most complex fraud occurrences with accuracy and scalability.

Utilize powerful machine learning technology to detect complex money laundering typologies and visualize hidden relationships among transactions. Ensure complete transparency to alleviate regulatory scrutiny.

Choose the Right Solution for Your Company

Feedzai Product Suite


Solution Type
Customizable Solution

Use Cases
Transaction Fraud, AML Transaction
Monitoring, Account Opening

Cloud, Hybrid and On-Prem

3 – 6 months

Machine Learning
Models with customizable

Machine Learning
Custom and standard rules

Product Upgrades
Custom, done by client


Solution Type
Standard Solution

Use Cases
Transaction Fraud,
AML Transaction Monitoring


8 – 12 Weeks

Machine Learning
Model with standard
out-of-the-box features

Machine Learning
Standard rules

Product Upgrades
1x/year, done by Feedzai

Brands Trust Feedzai

“While many bank capital investments are on hold amidst the economic uncertainty, we are seeing that solutions like Feedzai’s, which reduce fraud losses, decrease operational expense, and improve customer experience through more efficient detection routines are actually seeing increased prioritization for funding, given the increased urgency to protect digital channel transactions in a customer-friendly manner.”

Julie Conroy,
Research Director at Aite

Protecting Companies with

+800M Customers Worldwide

Feedzai is the market leader in fighting fraud with AI. We’re coding the future of commerce with today’s most advanced risk management platform powered by big data and machine learning.


of the world's Fortune
500 Companies monitored


of 5 largest banks in
North America protected


online transactions protected for
2 of the world’s most valuable
athletic brands

of global music streaming subscriptions monitored



US individual and business taxpayers protected


of UK's population with account access protected


of Canada’s population with account access protected


Asia’s first all-in-onenumberless bank card