Quadrant logo, for SPARK Matrix Behavioral Biometrics report naming Feedzai as a technology scam

Exciting news! Feedzai, the world’s first RiskOps platform, is honored and excited to be recognized as a technology leader in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix™: Behavioral Biometrics, 2023 report. 

This is the second year in a row that Feedzai has won this prestigious recognition for its behavioral biometrics solution. What’s more, Feedzai ranked even higher this year. This recognition demonstrates Feedzai’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions to fraud prevention and financial crime using our unique RiskOps approach.

Behavioral Biometrics’ Growing Role in Fraud and Financial Crime Prevention 

Quadrant defines behavioral biometric technology as technology that “passively and continuously monitors, analyzes, and authenticates users based on their behavioral, cognitive, and response attributes such as keystroke dynamics, device handling, touchscreen interaction, mouse movements, navigation pattern, form context and fluency, and data familiarity across the entire customer lifecycle.”

Fraudsters are rapidly shifting their tactics to compromise accounts. Behavioral biometrics offers financial institutions a non-intrusive way to authenticate users and protect customers’ data and finances. In addition, behavioral biometrics leverages advanced analytics and machine learning modules to reduce false positives and minimize risk identification and remediation times. This enables banks and financial institutions to offer a positive customer experience. Behavioral biometric solutions offer FIs a robust and scalable option to analyze user behaviors across multiple digital banking channels. 

How Feedzai’s Digital Trust Solution Stands Apart

The Quadrant report praised Feezai’s behavioral biometric solution, Digital Trust, for offering a holistic approach to an end-to-end risk management lifecycle. Digital Trust quickly identifies fraudulent activities, including impersonation and manipulation fraud. 

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions analyst Yashi Saxena elaborated on how Digital Trust stands apart. 

“The company’s key differentiated offerings include omnichannel case management, whitebox explanations, a data science studio, segment-of-one profiles, link analysis, and production-ready models,” said Saxena. 

“With its overall sophisticated Behavioral Biometrics offerings, ability to cater to a wide range of use cases, and robust strategy and roadmap, Feedzai continues to retain its position as a leader and has received strong ratings across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact in the 2023 SPARK Matrix™: Behavioral Biometrics” she added.

Feedzai’s chief product officer Pedro Barata expressed his delight at the results of Quadrant’s report.  

“We are honored to be named 2023 technology leader by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. This recognition proves that Feedzai is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to protecting the world’s largest financial institutions and their consumers,” said Barata. 

“To have Feedzai’s Digital Trust platform – that helps financial institutions fight malware, impersonation, and network manipulation attacks – being recognized as a top performer in the behavioral biometrics market is a fantastic achievement and testament to the hard work of the whole Feedzai team. We are committed to developing technology fit for the future as we continue in our mission to combat financial crime.”

Feedzai Accolades List Continues to Grow

Feedzai’s ranking as a top leader in the 2023 SPARK Matrix™ report is the latest in a series of recognitions.

In May 2023, Feedzai topped all four categories of Chartis’ Payment Risk Solutions, 2023: Market and Vendor Landscape Report, outperforming 21 other vendors. Quadrant also acknowledged Feedzai as a leader in anti-money laundering (AML) technology in the firm’s Anti-Money Laundering, 2023 report.

This report further demonstrates Feedzai’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and delivering customer-centric solutions that safeguard the world’s financial institutions. By maintaining our role as a top technology leader for the second year in a row, Feedzai is demonstrating our devotion to building a safer, more secure financial future for everyone.