Illustration of how Generative AI technology like ChatGPT can be used for fraud

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Generative AI Kicks Off the ‘AWESOM-O’ Age of Fraud

Who knew the irreverent show South Park could predict the future? But with the debut of…

Illustration of fraudsters using Generative AI like ChatGPT to create Amazon customer service imposter scams

0 Comments8 Minutes

ChatGPT Helps Fraudsters Hack Amazon Payments

If you're not talking about ChatGPT, then you’re obviously on a months-long silent…

Illustration of merchant acquirer/PSP watching consumer payment trends for risk and adjusting their model risk governance frameworks for potential fraud

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Model Risk Governance for Acquirers and PSPs for Fraud

Merchant Acquiring Banks (Acquirers) and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) who are already…

Illustration of 4 types of complex ato attacks to watch for

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4 Complex ATO Attack Types You Need To Know About

Account takeover (ATO) is frequently thought of as a fraudster using someone’s genuine…

Outline of how to decode the DNA of account takeover attacks

0 Comments14 Minutes

What Are Account Takeover Fraud Attacks?

What makes account takeover (ATO) fraud so troublesome for banks, financial institutions,…

Illustration showing New Year's Resolutions for banks - customer surrounded by calendar dates

0 Comments10 Minutes

New Year’s Resolutions for Banks to Stop Financial Crime

When a New Year kicks off, many of us make resolutions focused on self-improvement. This…

Illustration of a consumer falling victim to online ad fraud with a scammer pushing a fake advertisement

0 Comments9 Minutes

Big Banks vs. Big Tech Pt. 2: The Ad Fraud Challenge

Several UK banks recently proposed a “polluter pays” approach to online fraud that would…

Illustration of how acquirers and PSPs can provide extra value to merchants when they act as partners to deliver a good payment experience that minimizes friction.

0 Comments8 Minutes

The Good Payment Experience Guide for PSPs & Acquirers

Merchants are not fraud risk experts by nature. Their focus is on delivering products and…

Illustration of customer getting scammed as one of the top fraud predictions of 2023

0 Comments12 Minutes

2023 Fraud Trends and Scam Predictions

If you’re thinking fraudsters will turn over a new leaf and resolve to behave themselves…

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