It’s been quite a month for Feedzai, the world’s first RiskOps platform! In the past few weeks, we’ve received some of the most important recognition and awards in our industry. As CEO, these accolades fill me with a sense of pride for my company and a sense of honor to work with my esteemed colleagues. And just as importantly, I am thrilled that our customers share in this achievement. Our company-wide obsession with delivering customer success played a critical role in our own successes.

Feedzai’s Customer Obsession Pays Off

“Win Together, Lose Together” is one of the core tenets we live by at Feedzai. While it’s easy to view this as an internal-facing statement, these words are also how we weigh our relationship with our customers. Customer success is our obsession! Our recent string of accomplishments is a testament to just this devotion.

In early August, we were thrilled to receive the Fraud Impact award for Best Transaction Fraud Monitoring and Decisioning Innovation by Aite-Novarica. Being recognized by a leading advisory firm for the financial services industry, such as Aite-Novarica, is a huge accomplishment on its own. However, for me what really set this award apart is that we achieved the award together with one of our customers and partners, Lloyds Banking Group. 

Lloyds provides critical financial services to millions of customers in the UK and across multiple global communities. Using Feedzai’s RiskOps Platform, the bank reduced fraud losses and increased protection for its customers. 

Feedzai and Lloyds: A Partnership Built on RiskOps

We adopted a RiskOps approach last year. RiskOps is a framework for managing financial crime risk, along with the platform to support it. Operationalizing risk ensures a standard approach that turns abstract concepts like risk and opportunity into measurable and actionable insights. RiskOps isn’t just a product. It’s a unified approach that encompasses fraud, money laundering, compliance, and risk policies. 

Being able to highlight how teams at Feedzai and Lloyds worked together to achieve this and pioneer an approach with AI at its core is at the heart of why we do what we do at Feedzai. We want true partnership with the customers we work with –  our success is nothing without their success. Many Feedzaians have worked at banks and have experienced the challenges of mitigating fraud risk firsthand. It’s their experience that has helped us shape what we deliver for our customers and achieve this recognition. 

In addition to Lloyds, I was also thrilled to see our investor and partner Citi receive their own award from Aite-Novarica. Citi was recognized as Best Orchestration Innovation in Aite-Novarica’s Fraud & AML Impact Awards. The award recognized Citi’s Payment Exchange solution for its ability to seamlessly integrate multiple fraud prevention solutions into one payment portal. We’re always thrilled when our partners are recognized for their fraud-fighting efforts. These efforts move our entire industry forward.

Why are we obsessed with our customer’s success? For starters, we don’t view them as customers. They are our partners; it’s a relationship that is more  involved than simply selling our products to buyers. In other words, our relationship with our customers isn’t over at the point of sale. Instead, we’re committed to providing our customers with our intelligence and insights, ensuring that all of us are in the best possible position to stop online fraud.

Download our case study to learn more about our collaboration and partnership with Lloyds Banking Group that resulted in a significant reduction in false positives.