Musings from Money20/20 on Technology, Money, and The Future of Everything

We were in Amsterdam last week at Money20/20 Europe, hosting the latest installment of the AI Deep Dive speaker series. Read on to see photos and video clips from the stage.

At the last Money20/20 event in Asia, a few months ago, Nuno Sebastiao spoke on the main stage and said: “We need to create AI that’s controllable — not only by the engineers and the data scientists, but by decision-makers and business leaders.”

We believe in bringing together great minds from every corner of the AI fintech space: visionaries, practitioners, and business alike. That’s why we built Feedzai Frontiers, a global speaker series at leading conferences to address the most important technological issues facing humankind.

Previous installments of Feedzai Frontiers have featured the likes of Stephen Hawking, Steve Wozniak, and Ray Kurzweil.

This most recent installment featured speakers and panelists like Goldman Sachs Intl.Chairman, José Manuel Barroso; Blockchain Chief Economist, Xen Baynham-Herd; Head of Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon, Manuela Veloso; and Credorax CTO, Moshe Selfin.

Our CEO, Nuno Sebastiao, kicked things off describing his vision of a building a “Davos of AI.” He said: “AI Deep Dive is a platform for people from all over the commerce ecosystem to come together while we all work to build, in no small terms, the future of everything.”

A highlight of the event came when our co-founder and CSO, Pedro Bizarro, picked up his ongoing conversation about the importance of ethics and explainability in AI systems.

Here’s an excerpt of what he said:

We see that there are millions and millions of bots attacking orgs large and small. You can actually buy and configure bots online, very easily. These numbers you see here 1 bot, $64 million, 367,000 orders are from a recent attack on one of our clients. This was a very vicious bot, because this bot was issuing hundreds of thousands of orders. And from order to order, everything was changing: the name of the user, the credit card, the shipping address, the product, even the device, and the IP address, and the street. Almost everything.

It was very difficult to catch. And this was an attack in high amounts, almost $60 million. And luckily for our clients and us, we stopped all but 34 orders in real time. That’s more than 99.99% of the orders.”

View his full talk here to learn how we stopped it! Here’s a clip:

After Pedro spoke, AI Deep Dive rolled over onto the main stage, where Nuno sat down with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to talk about “Technology, Money, and The Future of Everything.”

As reported in Forbes, Woz touched on Bitcoin, Steve Jobs, and disruption. Echoing our thoughts on regulatory crisis-opportunity, Wozniak said: “Regulation is an essential element to the fintech transformation happening today. Fairness, equality and truth is the foundation for good regulation and that will lay the groundwork for good development.”

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