Nuno Sebastiao Went to Money20/20 Asia and Said: “AI Is Not Enough”

Just a couple weeks after Feedzai launched an APAC office in Hong Kong, we went to Money20/20 Asia in Singapore, where our CEO and co-founder Nuno Sebastiao spoke on the main stage. “We need to keep humans in the loop,” he said.

In his presentation to a crowd of 2,000, Nuno said that many are working on artificial intelligence, but few are actually dealing with the most pressing issues in security and ethics facing our world. He argued that technology can help us to be free, but only if done ethically.

Money20/20 posted video footage from the speech, where he said:

“Criminals are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. They’re using the same underlying machine learning technology that many companies use to put up defenses. Other than the risks of criminals armed with technologies, there are other risks too. One of these risks is unchecked AI itself, when it’s not being created thoughtfully, and without humans in the loop.

So what we do about this, in a world where AI is certainly one of our most important tools? We need to make to make sure that these machine learning systems are attainable. We need to have systems that allow us to explain what’s going on inside the machine. And we need to create AI that’s controllable — not only by the engineers and the data scientists, but by decision-makers and business leaders.”

The pursuit of ethical AI is an ongoing priority for Feedzai leadership. Last year, co-founder and Chief Science Officer Pedro Bizarro introduced the AI Code of Ethics in a report: “What’s Next for Machine Learning: Ethics and Explainability in AI Systems for Fraud.”

Then, in Lisbon, Feedzai hosted the late Stephen Hawking to speak on the subject to more than 20,000 people at Web Summit.

Now, from Money20/20, Nuno Sebastiao has called on AI practitioners everywhere to build AI with controllability and explainability in mind, because artificial intelligence is only as strong as the human intelligence behind it.

Feedzai Frontiers | AI Deep Dive

On day two of the event, Feedzai presented the latest installment of the Feedzai Frontiers | AI Deep Dive speaker series, where industry leaders spoke about the research and applications of today’s AI. You can watch the videos below.

The topics ranged from advanced image recognition to deep learning and its applications in finance. The question that seemed to hang in the air was: “Where will we go from here?”

Nigel Parker ‎Chief Engineer, Commercial Software Engineering, ASIA – ‎Microsoft


Michael Manapat Head of Data and Machine Learning Products, Stripe


Dr. Ettikan Karuppiah, Director, Developers Ecosystem, Enterprise Business, NVIDIA


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