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Feedzai Frontiers: A Platform to Drive Maximum Good from Technology

    Feedzai Frontiers is a global speaker series that brings thought leaders, decision makers, and industry titans together at leading conferences around the world to address the most important technological issues facing humankind. Our latest session took place last month at Money20/20 in Las Vegas


    Challenger Banks: Your Customer Experience Is at Risk

      This blog is part of a series covering solutions to the risks challenger banks are encountering during their rapid growth. Challenger banks have completely reimagined user experience. Built on future-focused technology with UI design to rival top-tier apps and websites, it’s no secret that these


      GIF of data cells that look like germ cells moving across the screen illustrating fraud detection

      Understand the Shape of Financial Crime with Feedzai Genome

        Financial crime is becoming increasingly complex, making criminal behavior harder to identify. Take for example the credit card fraud scam that resulted in twenty people pleading guilty: the group fabricated more than 7,000 false identities to obtain tens of thousands of credit cards. Or consider


        Looking Ahead: Consumer & Bank Evolution by 2025

        Bank leaders know that banking next year will look different than banking today. But banking seven years in the future is a downright alarming thought. Still, while it’s tough to maintain a strategic outlook when rapid changes are happening right now, it’s important to remain


        How Machine Learning for Credit Unions Can Power Growth While Minimizing Risk

          For credit unions, 2018 has been a big year for expansion and innovation, which also makes it a big year for facing the new threats that are sure to follow. The financial space is evolving, and credit unions must evolve too. So, how does a credit union like yours scale smart? It starts by looking at the macro trends that are currently impacting customers, and discovering ways to leverage these trends for long-term growth.


          How Retail Banks Can Fight Account Opening Fraud with AI

            Banks are seeking new ways to improve revenue, reduce risk, and create a stronger customer experience. But these efforts open up new attack vectors for today’s determine fraudsters, who are evolving faster than the detection strategies designed to stop them. Many banks are finding that their traditional approaches to fraud management are falling short—and leaving them exposed to risk.


            How Merchants Can Rapidly Confront the Account Takeover Crisis

              This is Part I of a series that examines the Account Takeover (ATO) crisis at both banks and merchants. First up: the impact that ATO is having on merchants.


              The “Choose Your Own Adventure” of Machine Learning Implementation for Fraud

                Financial institutions are sorting through the generalized hype over machine learning and making real decisions about how to operationalize it. What many don’t realize is that machine learning procurement is not “one size fits all,” but rather “choose your own adventure.”


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