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Illustration of people putting geometric pieces together up on a wall to signify tech achievements in 2019

Feedzai AI: Tech Achievements in 2019 to make banking and commerce safe

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automatic Model Monitoring
  • Machine learning
  • Omnichannel Case Manager

Feedzai has one mission: to make banking and commerce safe. This mission drives every individual and department at Feedzai, but perhaps none more so than the Product and Research Teams. In 2019, they personified our mission by developing two groundbreaking technological advancements: omnichannel case manager


Illustration of AML investigator searching in the dark with only the spotlight of a flashlight held by a large hand

Machine Learning: Rules vs. Models in Anti-Money Laundering Platforms

  • AML
  • Machine learning

Money laundering. Fueled by mobster movies and international espionage thrillers, the phrase has a mysterious, exciting edge to it. But as is often the case, the truth is far less appealing than the glitzy Hollywood version. In reality, money laundering is an activity that traps


Illustration of data scientist floating on bits of data with Feedzai tech Tuesday written in the corner

Life as a data scientist building tech products

  • data science
  • Tech Tuesday

This blog post is the second part of the “3 Shades of Data Science” Tech Tuesday blog series.  Working in Product Imagine you’re walking across a rope bridge that’s suspended one hundred feet over perilous rapids. With each step you take, the bridge sways, creaks,


Nuno Sebastio at Money2020

Money 20/20: 5 Key Insights from Feedzai’s Financial Crime and Tech Summit

  • Financial Crime Summit
  • Money 20/20

Another Money 20/20 has come and gone, and with it, our 2nd Financial Crime and Technology Summit. The Summit featured risk management and AI executives from Citi, Microsoft, NASDAQ, Varo Money, Aite Group, BioCatch, IDC, Paysafe Group, and Point Predictive, as well as, Feedzai’s subject


Man leaning against a calendar with Jan 10 highlighted for 5AMLD deadline

EU Fifth AML Directive: How Banks Can Prepare for Five Key Changes

  • AML
  • Compliance

The January 10 deadline for the EU’s Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD) is quickly approaching. Here are five key areas of change under 5AMLD and steps banks can take to prepare for them now.


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3 shades of data science

  • Tech Tuesday

What’s the difference between a product data scientist, research data scientist, and delivery data scientist? Read this blog post to discover the differences between these data science roles.


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AI Best Practices to Improve Enterprise Risk Outcomes

  • AI
  • Fraud prevention

It’s no secret that fraud has grown more complex as the payments landscape changes, but what can organizations do to improve their risk outcomes? Listen in as a Feedzai expert discusses how you can leverage AI to stay ahead of financial crime and achieve your digital transformation goals.


Graphic of four people putting a puzzle together

Connecting the Dots: How to See the Shape of Fraud

  • Tech Tuesday

As fraud grows more complex, it becomes trickier to identify questionable patterns and catch fraudsters in the act. Learn about our journey to leverage data visualization and machine learning to enable users to easily detect financial crime.


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