As February 1st begins our new Fiscal Year and the Lunar New Year (Year of the Tiger), I looked back at my hopes for 2021 and considered new hopes for the year ahead. You’ll recall we began 2021 following one of the most challenging years in many of our lifetimes. As it turned out, 2021 was its own rollercoaster as the distribution of vaccines in many communities gave us hope while new variants caused chaos and confusion. We also saw mental health take center stage at the Olympics, billionaires rocket themselves into space and major global supply chain snags. 

But that’s not all we saw. When I looked ahead back then, the key themes I hoped for in the year 2021 were growth, togetherness, peace and freedom, healing, and normalcy. As it turns out, many of my hopes for 2021 came true. 

“It’s on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly.” 

Claude Monet

Reflection on 2021

First, it was a year of considerable growth at Feedzai. We had one of our most exciting years in recent memory. Globally, we have seen firsthand the effects of the “Great Resignation” and welcomed 250 new Feedzaians over 2021. Congratulations to all those on your new movement! We also had a fantastic year with a Series D investment and corresponding valuation of over $1.5B that earned us unicorn status, our first acquisition (Revelock), and creating the first RiskOps platform in the world! All done with the support and tremendous work from our global Feedzai family.

It was also a year for togetherness. Living as an expat and not seeing my family and friends for some time cements to me how meaningful connecting in person can be personally and professionally. 

We had several months of traveling with less concern from the lessons learned in 2020. We continue to strive for peace of mind and more freedom to travel. Unfortunately, world events like what happened in Afghanistan and new COVID variants also caused us to worry.

Healing and wellness were at the forefront of our thoughts for our employees. Feedzai is very excited to continue providing an inclusive environment and offer three options for our Remote Flex Work Model, providing and promoting self-care, mental health, mindfulness meditation sessions, and August Four Day Work Weeks. 

Normalcy came back in pockets with employees enjoying lunches, dinners, wine downs, and leadership team-building events across the globe. Yet, globally we have gone back to tighter restrictions; I am impressed how we adapt to our new reality and find different ways to connect and share—and grab those pockets of time together when we can.  

Hopes We’re Still Embracing in 2022  

While my hopes from last year still remain relevant, I am calling out these five words and phrases for 2022. 

1. Connection

No one can go it alone. Even the most independent individual needs time with others. So whether you’re connecting virtually or face to face, make sure to stay in the moment and enjoy that time. 

2. Support Systems

It is essential to ask for help when you need it. To reach out to your family, friends, and colleagues no matter the circumstances. The kindness in the world continues to amaze me, and the support I receive when I ask for it is invaluable. 

3. Understanding

The world is a more complex, challenging place, and we seek to understand different perspectives. Of course, we don’t have to agree, but we can be receptive and kind to each other with a broader comprehension. 

4. Empathy

 We need to remember that all humans have different needs and wants, but we all need to coexist by Cultivating Empathy within ourselves to extend to our outer world. So let’s support each other when we stumble and enable each other to keep reaching higher. 

5. Continue to Innovate

Raising the Bar is one of our principles, and we continue to challenge the status quo. We are willing to take risks that help us to grow. Having too many restrictions can lead to fear, which is not what any of us want. Don’t give up when facing adversity. Take risks, try new things, learn, and grow.  

 “Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat.” 

Steve Jobs

To each of you, we at Feedzai wish you all the best, and let’s keep our minds open, our curiosities piqued, and our aspirations high. Here’s to a great year of the tiger and 2022!