Trump Migration Policy – A Memo From Feedzai’s CEO

Dear Feedzai,

My great grandfather immigrated to Brazil in the 40’s where he was a gardener, my father immigrated to France in order to be able to educate me and my sister. Currently I have family living in France, Brazil, Switzerland, UK and the US.

Like me and my family, many of you left the countries where you were born in search of a brighter future. I came to the US, a country that I Love, as I admire its welcoming culture and the people’s “I don’t care where you came from, as long as you work hard, you are welcome here” approach.

I believe in keeping citizens all over the world safe, however this will only be achieved with inclusion policies, not segregation and walls. We have learned that the hard way in Europe over the last 70 years. Like most of you I am extremely concerned about the impact of the executive order signed yesterday by President Trump.

Although we don’t have currently at Feedzai nationals from the countries covered by the executive order I am sure that most of us know someone that is directly affected by this. We are in contact with our legal and immigration team to understand this new reality. Please feel free to reach out to me or Kathryn if you have any questions or concerns.

Our grit and success is the result of our diversity, our faiths and beliefs. We have built a team hailing from all corners of the world and we will continue to do so.


Ken Bui
Ken Bui

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