AI Visionaries and Overflowing Crowds at AI Deep Dive

    Feedzai curated an all-star AI line-up in Las Vegas on Sunday, in partnership with Money20/20, with an “AI Deep Dive” event that kicked off the annual conference on the future of money.


    A New Timescale for Fraud Science: Insights from Our CSO

      At Feedzai, we continue to break records in how quickly we begin delivering value to our customers. Speed of data science is important. The faster we can test and deploy new models, the sooner we can test multiple scenarios of rules and models and get


      Operationalizing Machine Learning for Fraud: Human + Machine Learning is the Best of Both

      Fraudsters are leveraging every tool and strategy they can to take advantage of large organizations. They are breaching big data exposures, wielding new technology, and manipulating vulnerabilities in the market complexity itself. At the same time, the industry is going increasingly real-time to meet customer


      Understanding the Unexplainable

        Machine learning isn’t just another tool that’s available at a data scientist’s disposal to solve any type of problem. Data scientists have to follow an entire process that includes six stages. At Feedzai, we refer to this as the Data Science Loop. To learn more


        Make Your Merchants Love You

          Merchants today have the opportunity to reach their customers through different channels, creating new experiences that were never before imagined. In the early 2000s, customers were excited by the opportunity to shop online. Today, customers can order online and pick up in store, they can


          Easing Into Machine Learning for PSD2: An Interview with Our VP of French Sales

            Jean-Damien Rubal has joined Feedzai to bring AI innovation to the French market. His arrival to Feedzai comes just as organizations are preparing for a post-PSD2 world, where new kinds of payments spell new risks – and new opportunities. What do you predict in these


            “How’s the View?” And Other Questions for Our New VP of German Sales

              Our new VP of Sales in Germany, Steffen Schreiber, comes to us with deep experience in payments technology, working with organizations like J.P. Morgan and Adyen. Read on to hear his thoughts on German banking trends, the advent of PSD2, and why Feedzai is the right place to be in the year 2017.

              What are the particular challenges you’re seeing with payments in Germany?

              PSD2 is top of mind in Germany as banks face new non-bank innovators entering the payments ecosystem. These new players pose threats to German banks, since PSD2 is giving innovators full access to customer bases that used to be exclusive to large banks.


              New Revenue and New Risk, In a Payments World Powered by Partnerships

                “Most banks get it.” That was the finding of this year’s Accenture study on Banking Technology. They conducted a survey where 79% of North American banks agreed that that AI will “revolutionize” the way that banks and customers interact.

                Now that most banks are seeing immense value from using some form of machine learning to power back-end processes like fraud detection, we’re seeing a shift in AI from the back office to the front office. AI is beginning to power every touchpoint along the customer journey, from marketing to sales to service, and 2017 is the year of this transition.


                Our CTO Tells Us the Surprising Things He’s Learned Along the Way

                  Over the past few years, from his vantage point as Feedzai’s head technologist, CTO Paulo Marques has seen the question change. For leaders at major banks, the original question was: “Do I need machine learning?” Now that the answer is yes, the new question is: “How can I operationalize machine learning?”


                  From Space to Commerce: Our CEO Shares His Journey at Money 20/20

                    Money 20/20 is Europe’s largest Fintech event, with companies coming together to share their visions of the digital economy disruption that’s well underway. Our CEO, Nuno Sebastiao, delivered the keynote  address on Day 3, closing the event that also featured the likes of Square’s Jack


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