Fraud Prevention

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4 Reasons Why Fraud Prevention Needs to Move Beyond Rules Based Engines

By Dr. Pedro Bizarro, Chief Data Science Officer @Feedzai Commerce has evolved from its many different forms – from in-store purchases and mail order businesses to online market places and omni-channel commerce. Digital downloads and instant fulfillment services like Uber are transforming the way people


So why did I join Feedzai? Speed, scale and solving the “Don’t Get Me Off the Couch” consumer sentiment

By Jon Pearson, Sales Director, Transformational Digital Journeys, Banking @ Feedzai Customer behaviour Technology will continuously change consumer behavior, resulting in behaviors we’ve never seen before. A good example of this is Netflix: After watching part of a film one evening, customers can finish it


The importance of digital security patches for ecommerce

Securing an online store is an ongoing challenge and an important one.


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E-commerce Fraud: The Dark Cloud Over Online Transactions


Ecommerce Fraud Peaked During Holiday Season

As businesses get started with the first quarter of the new year, fraud reports from the holidays are starting to come in. According to ACI Worldwide’s report of the top global merchants, fraud increased substantially during the 2015 holiday season. Ecommerce transactions increased 21 percent


From Darth Vaders to Death Eaters

There was a time when iconized symbols of good and evil were as clear as black and white. The distinctive armor with black helmet and polished finish uniquely identified the dark side. But such unequivocal characterization has long been displaced. The battle of good vs.


Democratizing Data Can Help Fraud Prevention Evolve

Fraud prevention’s most capable asset at present is analytics. By detecting patterns through data science, there’s a great chance that banks can find anomalies consistent with fraudulent transactions. However, the problem with data science is its complexity. Namely, the proportion of information that requires analysis


5 Fraud Prevention Trends for 2016

The end of the year is always a key time for businesses, with security ranking high on the list. With 2015 drawing to a close, it’s already time to begin thinking about fraud prevention in the new year. What will the fraud landscape look like


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