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Is the TSA in Charge of Banking and Shopping?

The Transportation Security Administration has been under fire recently and perhaps for some real good reasons. Airports, airlines and travelers are frustrated with the increasingly long wait times at the airports – an excruciatingly painful experience that will likely become worse as the summer travel season begins. Last week, I encountered this firsthand


Omnidata or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Omnichannel

If I had a penny for the number of times I’ve heard the word omnichannel mentioned over the last few years, I’d probably have made more than a couple thousand dollars. This trend is self evident in the amount of traction this has picked up as a


Feedzai and Google DeepMind Scientists Use Deep Learning to Extend Research in Natural Language Processing

Feedzai data scientist Luís Marujo recently co-authored a new paper with Wang Ling from Google DeepMind, Chris Dyer from Carnegie Mellon University, Alan W. Black also from Carnegie Mellon University and Isabel Trancoso from Instituto Superior Técnico. This paper has been received well and is


Black and white graphic of lock, credit card, and text about fraud prevention

4 Reasons Why Fraud Prevention Needs to Move Beyond Rules Based Engines

By Dr. Pedro Bizarro, Chief Data Science Officer @Feedzai Commerce has evolved from its many different forms – from in-store purchases and mail order businesses to online market places and omni-channel commerce. Digital downloads and instant fulfillment services like Uber are transforming the way people


IoT introduces a host of security issues for businesses.

Security still a huge barrier for IoT adoption

The Internet of Things has great implications for businesses and consumers alike, but the issue of security is still holding the industry back.


Green and white graphic with text about ecommerce fraud

E-commerce Fraud: The Dark Cloud Over Online Transactions


3 Ways Machine Learning Can Transform Business

While big data has been the holy grail for competitive differentiation for the past few years, many experts believe 2016 will be the year that businesses will turn to machine learning to take advantage of the massive amounts of data at their disposal. In fact,


From Darth Vaders to Death Eaters

There was a time when iconized symbols of good and evil were as clear as black and white. The distinctive armor with black helmet and polished finish uniquely identified the dark side. But such unequivocal characterization has long been displaced. The battle of good vs.


The Potential for Machine Learning: Thoughts from the Cassandra Summit

|BY PAULO MARQUES, CTO| I had the honor of presenting at the Cassandra Summit in Santa Clara, California, earlier this fall as an expert of machine learning in financial services. I was among many distinguished professionals, including big data developers, data scientists, system architects and


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