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Fighting Fraud and Financial Crime with a Single Customer View

With adept criminals exploiting weaknesses across multiple channels, how do banks fight financial crime and fraud? With a single view of the customer across all channels.


Intelligent Automation, Transparent AI: Upcoming 2019 Predictions in Machine Learning and AI

In the last two years, AI and machine learning have evolved well beyond the most ambitious expectations. With tech giants like Google, Uber, and Tesla (to name a few) continuing to accomplish increasingly impressive feats, the number of AI and machine learning applications seem limitless.


Leverage Federated Data to Fight Financial Crime with Feedzai Risk Ledger

Fraud is big business, with increasingly sophisticated criminal rings launching complex cross-channel attacks against a multitude of institutions, industries and verticals. Fraudsters know that more and more businesses have fraud prevention solutions, so they make sure to pick several targets to increase their chances of success, moving


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