The global coronavirus pandemic caused widespread disruption to numerous industries. Learn how machine learning technology helps organizations adjust to unpredictable conditions and stay vigilant against fraud.

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COVID-19 & The New Rules for Building Digital Trust

COVID-19 presents an opportunity for banks to build a new level of digital trust with their customers. As the pandemic causes massive disruptions across all elements of everyday life, the banks, FinTechs, and financial institutions (FIs) that can quickly adjust to the realities of the “new normal” will ultimately be better-positioned to come out ahead in the crowded financial services market.

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Digital Wallets: How to Offer Convenience Without Raising Risk

Digital wallets are the fastest accelerating digital payment vehicle today. In this post, we discuss what’s driving their popularity, the fraud and AML risks involved, and what banks can do to protect themselves and their customers.

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How to Become a 100% Remote Company in Less Than 24 Hours

With twenty-four hours notice, Feedzai transitioned into a 100% remote company. This post focuses on how we did it, lessons learned, and tips for making remote work successful.

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Can AI Models Handle Changes Caused by Coronavirus?

Are machine learning models cracking under the sudden behavioral changes caused by the Coronavirus pandemic? Some are, but Feedzai's are managing well. Find out why in this informative data-science centric post.

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Why Banks and Payment Processors Need 2FA Today

Two-factor authentication (2FA) stops 100% of automated bot account take over (ATO) attacks. So why don’t more banks and payment service providers (PSPs) implement or increase the use of 2FA? 2FA and customer friction 2FA is not without controversy, mainly because it can be a

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How PSPs Can Get Ahead of Fraud in the Post COVID-19 World

Fraudsters have been busy. During this crisis phase of the Coronavirus pandemic, they’ve launched an avalanche of attacks. Perhaps more importantly, they’re poised to commit even greater fraud once governments start easing lockdowns and consumers start shopping again. Fraudsters are plotting future attacks, PSPs should

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Coronavirus Economy: How to Fight Fraud & Friction to Survive

Citizens plagued with anxiety and financial woes, economies in free fall, and scammers exploiting fear in every corner of the globe. Welcome to April 2020. No one could have predicted the situation we find ourselves in, but we can plan our way out of it,

Coronavirus fraud scam predictions and how banks can take steps to protect consumers.

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Coronavirus Fraud Scam Predictions & How to Combat Them

Fraud Scam Predictions and How to Combat Them is the first post in a special five-part blog series aimed at helping banks, acquirers, and merchants navigate risk during the COVID-19 crisis. For more information on how to fight fraud during the pandemic, check out How to

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How to Stop Fraudsters From Exploiting Coronavirus

Coronavirus, or more accurately, COVID-19, has now been classed as a pandemic, with cases confirmed in over 140 countries and regions. The tragic coronavirus outbreak has claimed over 6000 lives, devastated families, and spreads illness as it travels the world. Fear and disruption journey with

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Account Opening: Why Banks Are Losing Customers

Why are some banks losing customers rather than gaining them? We investigate how tailored workflows, which are powered by machine learning, help account opening capabilities reduce friction for applicants and drive growth for banks.

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