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Tap Into The Machine

Feed transactions into our machine learning algorithms. Feedzai’s algorithms learn your business, and you’ll receive risk scores and explanations. Simple REST APIs, clear Whitebox Scoring and explanations.

  • Device Fingerprinting
  • Entity Linking
  • Pattern Detection
  • Event Velocity
  • IP Tracking

Your data is secure behind firewalls in our PCI DSS compliant data vault, and can only be accessed via SSL.

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How It Works

Send Transactions and Events

Transactions can be any event


user_id, amount_of_purchase, ip, guest_or_registered_user, etc.

Apply Machine Learning

Intelligent models check millions of risk factors


social data, IP data, email data, velocity, etc.

Receive Scores & Explanations

Risk scores are returned with explanations


800 = normalized score suggesting highly risky transaction

API or Plug-in

Choose the API to integrate into any platform or plug-ins if you’re on Shopify or Bigcommerce.

Read the API Doc

Take advantage of our fraud prevention service by integrating your online store’s data with our simple REST API.

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Shopify Plug-in

Get our Shopify FREE plug-in for your e-commerce store. It’s quick and easy to install, get started with fraud prevention today!

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Bigcommerce Plug-in

Get our Bigcommerce FREE plug-in for your e-commerce store. It only takes a minute to install, get started with fraud prevention now!.

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What You Can Build

Extend the platform with your own functionality.

Mashup with a payment service such as Stripe, Square, Braintree

Create a seamless mashup with any payment provider, connecting it to Feedzai’s API.

Shopping Cart Integration

Deeply integrate Feedzai’s API with one or several shopping carts (e.g. Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Hybris, etc); in addition to automatically submitting transactions for fraud analysis, embed the analysis results directly into the user interface.

Marketplace Browser Extension

Create a browser extension for an e-commerce shopping platform (like eBay), that puts Feedzai’s risk analysis information at the seller’s fingertips.

Transaction Enricher

Enrich the transactions with data from external services (e.g. Yelp reviews, email reputation, social media, feeds, geo-location) and provide this information to Feedzai’s API to get the most out of the machine learning engine.

Moonshot Idea

Repurpose Feedzai’s API to a completely different domain by mapping your non-e-commerce data to e-commerce transactions. See how far you can go by training Feedzai’s machine learning algorithms by training models on your own data patterns.