Digital Wallet Disruption

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There is no doubt that we are experiencing a boom in digital wallet innovation. Customer behaviors in retail are becoming increasingly mobile-first and value-added services are unlocking new capabilities for the wallet experience.

In this discussion, find out how to prepare for digital wallet disruption in a mobile-led era.

The panel discusses:

  • Exploring the evolving payments ecosystem: how to navigate changing customer behaviors before and after COVID-19
  • Fast, convenient, integrated: how are digital wallets filling the gap in today’s customer expectations?
  • Digging into the practicalities of slicker and faster payments: protecting customers while delivering a seamless experience
  • How do fraud prevention and financial crime techniques need to differ to better protect digital wallets?
  • From digital currencies to loyalty schemes: how might digital wallets evolve to strengthen offerings?
  • BigTech, Superapp, Neobank, digital wallet, Incumbent: who will triumph in this new era of mobile banking?
  • The move towards platformication: what partnerships and consolidation could we see moving forward

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As new payment types continue to evolve, so does the frequency and complexity in which fraud attacks occur. From card-present and card-not-present transactions to instant transfers, such as Real-Time Payments (RTP) and Zelle payments, it’s more critical than ever for banks to identify fraud across multiple channels and payment types in real-time. What’s even more crucial? Providing increased security while minimizing the impact it has on customers.

This webinar will explore why instant payment types emerged and the impact they have on both banks and their customers. Learn about common fraud schemes targeted at these payment types and what fraud teams need to do to combat these attacks.


Join this webinar to learn:

  • the importance of real-time scoring for real-time payments
  • common fraud schemes targeted at instant payments & the impact of the COVID-19 crisis to digital channels
  • best practices to combat fraud losses for instant payment