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What Kinds of Companies Use Feedzai?

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  • Banks

    If your business has users signing up online, applying for credit or opening new accounts, tap into Feedzai to verify and accept more applicants.

  • Payment Processors

    If your business accepts, processes or approves payment requests, you can tap into Feedzai to score every transaction for fraud.

  • Acquirers & Gateways

    If your business authorizes digital payments for online retailers or traditional brick and mortar, use Feedzai to screen merchants for fraud and chargebacks.

  • Retailers

    If your business sells online or has brick-and-mortar stores, you can tap into Feedzai to prevent payment chargebacks.

  • E-Commerce

    If you’re an online retailer, marketplace,
    digital goods seller, use Feedzai to reduce manual reviews and false alarms.

  • Alternative Lenders

    If your business is dedicated to the global online lending community, use Feedzai to protect your portfolio through every stage of lending.

A Machine Learning Platform for Fraud and Risk

Purpose-built for your business

Feedzai makes commerce safe for business customers and creates a better experience for their consumers through artificially intelligent machine learning. Financial services companies use Feedzai’s anti-fraud technology to keep commerce moving safely.


  • Banks
  • Payment processors
  • Insurance
  • Marketplaces
  • Retailers
  • Online Merchants
  • Telecom



Developers Welcomed

What can you build?

Power to Extend the Platform

If you’re a developer, use Feedzai’s API to extend the functionality of commerce platforms and use cases for the financial services industry. What can you build?


  • Create a browser extension for an e-commerce shopping platform (like eBay), that puts Feedzai’s risk analysis information at the seller’s fingertips.
  • Create a seamless mashup with one payment provider (e.g. Stripe, Braintree), connecting it to Feedzai’s API.
  • Deeply integrate Feedzai’s API with one or several shopping carts (e.g. Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Hybris, etc); in addition to automatically submitting transactions for fraud analysis, embed the analysis results directly into the user interface.
  • The possibilities are endless…




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