Alternative Lending

Solutions for Lending Platforms

Real-time underwriting of borrowers and validation of lenders.

Alternative Financing & Lending

Prepare for the unknown

Online lending platforms will attract new savers and borrowers, and require new ways to underwrite borrowers. As this market evolves, the rules of engagement and for risk mitigation are not completely known.

Feedzai offers more accurate underwriting, more lending options for a broader spectrum of borrowers, increased transparency and timely, customer-friendly processes. As a result, lending decisions will be less prone to human bias and more programmatic, guided accurately by algorithms.

Machine Learning is the Answer

Full-featured risk management solutions for making real-time underwriting decisions

Tackling the unknown is the specialty of machine learning. Machine learning is fundamentally about pattern recognition and automatically finding hidden patterns in the data. Machine learning works for your alternative adjudication processes, where borrowers are assessed on criteria beyond traditional credit scores, such as social data, and real-time risk engines that incorporate immediate feedback to get progressively smarter.


Seamless Integration

Score borrowers from any channel using any device.

Feedzai’s real-time engine works with you existing authorization, clearing and settlement systems. Stream in live transactions, get instant risk scores and and decisions. Output into your Case or Alert Management System for a complete end-to-end view of your customers and transactions.


If you acquire new borrowers online,

you can tap into Feedzai to verify and open more accounts.

Grow Your Customer Base and Not Your Aggravation Level

Qualify new accounts with less manual intervention and back-end resolution hassles.

Feedzai is a set of account opening and verification models that perform fraud prevention checks and real-time risk scoring to ease user registration without adding friction. Running at big data scale, it’s fast enough to work with your current account opening application flow—customers get instant account activation decisions without waiting.


Increase approval rates with informed decision-making.

Powerful Decision and Risk Tools for Validating New Customers

Simplify complex decisions.

All the features you need:

  • Intuitive workflow manager uses graphical interface
  • Easily configure complex processes
  • Predictive models adapt to your customers and their individual behavior patterns
  • Ready for mobile, online, in-person or any way customers find convenient
  • Unobtrusive integration with existing application approval flow
  • Decide and respond during the session
  • Let everyone know the outcome and why

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