Built for Challenger Banks

One Platform forMultiple Solutions

Acquire more customers

Provide streamlined application processes, increase auto-acceptance rates, and efficiently onboard more customers to expedite your growth with AI-powered custom workflows.

Decrease Fraud Losses

Score and monitor transactions in real-time across any payment type – even ones that haven’t been created yet – with future-proofed, AI-powered technology.

Reduce False Positives

Combine pre-built compliance rules with advanced machine learning technology to improve detection. Leverage explainable AI (XAI) to ensure complete transparency for regulators.

Feedzai Enterprise

The RiskOps Platform

Our risk management platform protects the world’s largest companies by scoring trillions of dollars’ worth of transactions faster than the human eye can blink.

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Feedzai Solutions

Re-Think Your Approach to Risk

Get access to an easy-to-understand scoring system that can quickly assess risk for single- and cross-channel transactions in real time.

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