Solutions for omnichannel sellers

If you’re a retailer that sells instore or online,

use Feedzai to protect your omnichannel sales

Anywhere commerce


Feedzai gives you the power of machine learning that understands the patterns of your business and block bad transactions in any channel.


Omnichannel buying experiences—e.g. buy online/pick-up in store or pay in-aisle—attract customers to your brand, and unfortunately, are target opportunities for fraudsters too. Your business vulnerabilities:


  • Loss prevention
  • Employee data exfiltration
  • Quantity abuse
  • Reshipping fraud

Powerful decision and risk tools for driving sales and reducing loss


Simplify complex decisions.


All the features you need:

  • Predictive models adapt to your customers and theirindividual behavior patterns
  • Ready for mobile, online, in-person or any way customers find convenient
  • Unobtrusive integration with existing application approval flow
  • Decide and respond during the session
  • Let everyone know the outcome and why



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