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Use Cases

Account Opening

Enroll customers for bank services such as new checking accounts, credit, debit or prepaid cards, and respond to loan applications. KYC, OFAC, ID checks and account verification accelerate customer acceptance with less friction.

Payment Fraud

Score transactions for prepaid, debit, credit and ATM cards, or digital wallets for card-present and card-not-present payments. PCI-compliant payment validation and transaction verification offers real-time risk scoring while reducing false declines.

Built for your entire organization

Risk Teams

Build and test rules, models and lists; take action on alerts, create management reports, and proactively manage risk.

Innovation Teams

Leverage the latest technology with a proven solution that mitigates risk without creating friction.

Compliance Teams

Make confident decisions with clear explanations for decision scoring and customized reports for audit purposes.


Balance compliance and cost by enforcing anti-corruption laws and managing your reputation. Feedzai performs identity verification and due diligence for customers applying for bank services, cards or new account applications across any channel while reducing operational costs with automated case management tools and compliance reporting.


Feedzai’s solution for PSD2 is a purpose-built fraud solution designed to help banks manage risk without introducing additional layers of customer friction. Feedzai’s risk engine combines informational flows with hyper-granular profiles for superior fraud prevention and risk management.

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How it works

Feedzai is a robust platform that can be used to address any banking use case whether it’s transaction monitoring or account opening.
1 _Connect with any upstream system

Switch, gateway, service bus or flat file.

2 _Score any event

Transactions, account or clickstream.

3 _Integrate any Report

Account Information, TC40, SAFE, chargebacks or external lists.

4 _Send_alerts_to_any_system

Integrate with any case management, BI solution or SMS/Email.

See it work in real-time

Contact us today, and we’ll schedule a demo using your own data. With the ground truth of actual chargebacks and other fraudulent behavior as the benchmark, a head-to-head comparison of Feedzai’s detection performance using past transaction logs can immediately demonstrate the value of our machine learning approach.

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