Technology for Modern Commerce


Pulse QL

Pulse QL is a data query language created by Feedzai to meet the rise in the volume of data stored about users, events and objects as well as the ultra-high frequency in which this data is accessed. Together with the other technologies, Pulse QL enables data systems that are non-relational, distributed, open-source and horizontally scalable.


Traditional relational databases fail under today’s high-volume. Cassandra databases are for always-on environments and omnichannel commerce. In-memory computing enables lightning-fast workload processing. Comprehensive enterprise security features are built-in.

Apache Spark

With the integration of Apache Spark SQL, users can now use Cassandra through any standard SQL interface. Leverage existing visualization tools and get even faster response times.


Hadoop is a fundamentally new way of managing data. Hadoop enables distributed parallel processing of massive datasets using standard servers that both store and process the data.

Extensible Architecture

Unified Risk Management Platform

Feedzai is the most powerful fully integrated machine learning environment.

Use Cases

One platform supporting multiple use cases

Customer Onboarding

Merchant Underwriting

Transactional Risk Scoring

Account Opening & Monitoring

Data Breach Detection

Anti-Money Laundering

User Interface

Dashboard & Analtyics

Case Management


Master Data Modeler

Easily transforms and ingests multiple data streams

Segment-of-one Profile Engine

3D View Of Every Entity, Customer or Account

Data Science Design Studio

Creating and simulating machine learning models

Machine Learning Engine

Rules Engine

Real-Time Execution Engine

Processing events and transactions in < 10milliseconds


External Integration Connectors & API






Connected Commerce: One Platform For All of Commerce

From buyers to sellers and everything in between, Feedzai’s machine learning keeps commerce safe.


Onboard Users

Verify user identity at online account opening or account login.

Improve account acquisition from 50% to 87+%.


Authorize Payments

Approve or decline payment transactions in real-time against good funds.

Safely enable transactions to no longer require PIN.



Maintain community trust between buyers and sellers on your platform.

Keep P2P funds transfers safe between senders & receivers.


Underwrite Merchants

Verify and monitor merchants against collusion and insolvency.

Identify risky merchants & freeze funds before loss occurs.


Checkout Score

Prevent payment chargeback reversals, penalty fees, merchandise loss.

Score orders at checkout before shipping, reduce chargebacks.


Loss Prevention

Prevent employee abuse and Re-shipper abuse;

Prevent policy violations and brand dilution.


Empower Merchants

Make real time decisions for omnichannel merchants and instant delivery models.

Prevent fraud while preserving customer experience.

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