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Pulse QL

Pulse QL is a data query language created by Feedzai to meet the rise in the volume of data stored about users, events and objects as well as the ultra-high frequency in which this data is accessed. Together with the other technologies, Pulse QL enables data systems that are non-relational, distributed, open-source and horizontally scalable.

horizontal scaling
\ˌhȯr-ə-ˈzän-təl ˈskāl-tiŋ\

1 : add capacity as you need it

2 : linear increases without reconfiguration or downtime



Traditional relational databases fail under today’s high-volume. Cassandra databases are for always-on environments and omnichannel commerce. In-memory computing enables lightning-fast workload processing. Comprehensive enterprise security features are built-in.


1 : in all ways, places without limits

2 : provide the customer with a seamless experience

Apache Spark

With the integration of Apache Spark SQL, users can now use Cassandra through any standard SQL interface. Leverage existing visualization tools and get even faster response times.




Hadoop is a fundamentally new way of managing data. Hadoop enables distributed parallel processing of massive datasets using standard servers that both store and process the data.

Extensible Architecture

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