From Darth Vaders to Death Eaters

There was a time when iconized symbols of good and evil were as clear as black and white. The distinctive armor with black helmet and polished finish uniquely identified the dark side. But such unequivocal characterization has long been displaced. The battle of good vs. evil has moved beyond a single adversary with a defined identity to a war against resourceful army of death eaters with few discernable attributes.

The rapid rise of e-commerce with new business models and payment methods has led to burgeoning of new age Darth Vaders. With easy access to faster, cheaper distributed systems, fraudsters and fraud rings have the firepower to be more sophisticated and well-coordinated thus making the high-velocity game of identifying and stopping fraud in real-time a compelling necessity.

Many fraud solutions that exist today are from the 1990’s—before the era of Big Data—and not built to support today’s emerging omnichannel commerce. The stand-off between the new world fraudsters and anti-fraud solutions has given rise to a new class of light sabers – artificially intelligent computer systems that autonomously learn, predict, act and explain without being explicitly programmed.

According to Dr. Pedro Bizarro, Chief Science Officer at Feedzai, machine learning is radically changing the nature of money and financial services. And contrary to popular myths, machine learning is neither limited to large companies nor is there a single model that is universally applicable in all situations.


Read more about Pedro’s perspective and discover the best practices in identifying fraudsters and preventing fraud losses by downloading the Paypers 2016 Web Fraud Prevention, Online Authentication & Digital Identity Market Guide.


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