Why choose Feedzai

Feedzai’s 4-Prong Approach to Fighting Financial Crime


Prevention strategies enable protection at the earliest stage.


Risk-based data, cyber, and customer history operate cohesively.


Customers who are impacted by financial crime are treated with trust.


Deliver compliance and transparency throughout the journey.

Feedzai by the numbers

Improved fraud detection.Less customer friction.


Improvement in a major retail banks’ fraud detection rate compared to a previous system.


Decrease in false positive rate compared to the retail bank’s previous system.

Solution Capabilities

Ready to use end-to-end risk monitoring

Achieve all the essentials for success with our packaged risk solution for fraud, AML, and FRAML (fraud and AML)

More AccurateDetection

Screen out good customers from criminal networks with Feedzai’s enhanced detection capabilities and machine learning.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Provide analysts with human-readable explanations to easily understand the underlying logic of machine learning decisions. Improve transparency and explainability for analysts, managers, and regulators.

Tangible ROI

We provide a fully-packaged, out-of-the-box solution that is digital-ready and cloud-enabled and can be deployed at a lightning-fast speed

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