October 22, 2018

Announcing Feedzai Genome: Visual Insights Powered by AI to Fight Financial Crime

Feedzai Genome sequences the DNA of financial crime patterns, identifying connected transactions within illicit networks that would be nearly impossible to detect otherwise

Feedzai announced its newest product innovation, Feedzai Genome. Fraud investigators and analysts can now find and visualize complex financial crime patterns using link analysis graph technology, powered by Feedzai’s underlying advanced AI. The Feedzai Genome interface allows users to see the actual shape of financial crime, instantly identify all related transactions within a group, and take action on the illicit activity in real time.

The powerful link analysis technology underlying Feedzai Genome, along with the tool’s visual capabilities, help analysts make decisions faster and with greater accuracy, lowering false positives in manual detection that harm loyal customers. Feedzai Genome sequences the hidden DNA of fraud by using augmented intelligence to find connected fraud and money laundering actors, even when some of those relationships would have otherwise been nearly impossible to detect.

Feedzai Genome has proven successful at catching massive and highly distributed bot attacks, sophisticated money laundering networks, and more. Feedzai Genome visualizes connections between all types of data streams: transactions, identity, location, and more — integrating data sources that are internal (e.g., CRM, KYC), private (e.g., 3rd party enrichers), and public (e.g. Dark Web). Genome learns over time, automatically finding and surfacing similar patterns for different AML and fraud typologies such as mule accounts, layering tactics, triangle schemes, structuring, account takeovers, bot attacks, and more.

Manually connecting these complicated crime webs wastes valuable time, and is prone to missing fraud and reporting false positives when a fraud analyst can only see a small piece of the overall picture. Because the Feedzai Genome technology does the heavy lifting and mundane tasks of data gathering, and then allows entire groups of activity to be acted on instantly, analysts are freed to focus on higher value tasks. Feedzai customers will now be able to significantly reduce time spent in first-pass alert review and case investigations, which significantly impacts analyst efficiency. Initial testing shows that with Feedzai Genome, analysts can process double the alerts in the same amount of time as before.

“Fraud patterns are getting more complex as criminals continue to get more sophisticated to avoid detection. Feedzai Genome gives our customers a full picture of financial crime so that they can fight it more effectively,” says Paulo Marques, Feedzai CTO and co-founder. “Allowing analysts to do all of that in this new interface is going to change the way our customers work every day.”

Feedzai Genome is made even more effective by other recent product innovations announced by Feedzai earlier this year. This includes Feedzai AutoML, automated machine learning that vastly speeds up feature engineering and other parts of the fraud detection lifecycle, and Feedzai OpenML, which allows data scientists to import open source and third-party tools to the Feedzai Risk Engine. Feedzai’s AutoML and OpenML work in conjunction with Genome, creating speed, flexibility, and accuracy previously unseen in the fraud prevention industry.


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