Meet Us
We are a team of scientists and engineers with multiple and diverse academic backgrounds, from theoretical physics to economics, mechanical engineering to computational neuroscience, but we all have in common the passion for solving complex and innovative data-driven problems to end financial crime, always with a focus on efficiency, user experience and societal impacts of the solutions we research and develop.


Ahmad Eddin
Research Data Scientist

André Cruz

Beatriz Jorge
Data Visualization Engineer

Bernardo Branco
Research Data Scientist

Catarina Belém
Research Data Scientist

David Aparício
Research Data Scientist

David Polido
Data Visualization Engineer

Jacopo Bono
Research Data Scientist

João Ascensão
Director of DS – ML Lead

João Bravo
Research Data Scientist

João Caetano
Research Data Scientist

João Conde

João Oliveirinha
Director of Eng – Sys Lead

João Palmeiro

João Sousa

Marco Sampaio
Senior Research Scientist

Maria Inês Silva
Research Data Scientist

Miguel Leite

Pedro Cardoso
Research Engineer

Pedro Saleiro
DS Manager – FATE Lead

Ricardo Barata
Research Data Scientist

Rita Costa
Data Visualization Engineer

Sérgio Jesus
Research Data Scientist

Sofia Gomes
Data Engineer

Vladimir Balayan

Pedro Bizarro
Co-Founder & CSO


António Alegria

Bruno Laraña

Cecília Sousa Nunes

Fábio Pinto

Feng Zhao

Ivo Correia

Jaime Ferreira

João António

Joana Lorenz

Liliana Fernandes

Lourenço Pato

Luís Silva

Margarida Ruela

Mariana Almeida

Mariana Lourenço

Miguel Almeida

Miguel Araújo

Nuno Castro

Paulo Gonçalves

Pedro Caldeira Abreu

Ricardo Pacheco


Work on state-of-the-art technology.
Make an impact on millions of lives.

Research Data Science and Engineering positions.
Spend the Summer tackling real-world problems.
Develop your MSc or PhD thesis at Feedzai Research.