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A Guide to Cloud-based Deployments

Now more than ever, financial institutions are looking to shift from traditional deployments towards SaaS, cloud-based services. Organizations that make the shift toward cloud-based deployment models need to be prepared for the challenges, benefits, and opportunities that these technologies can have on an organization, such as how they address anti-money laundering (AML). 

In this on-demand webinar from the Future of Fincrime Canada, Chris Caruana, Feedzai’s VP of AML, and Brian Ferro, Feedzai’s Director of AML, discuss how cloud-based SaaS solutions are changing the way organizations think about fraud and AML. 

Watch the webinar to learn: 

  • What factors organizations should consider when pursuing cloud-based SaaS solutions
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many organization’s strategic plans
  • How cloud-based SaaS deployments help organizations with their digital transformation goals

Watch the Webinar Replay

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