Accelerate Transactions, Not Fraud Risk: A FedNow Handbook

How to Implement FedNow Service and Protect Your Customers from Fraud

Is your bank ready for the age of instant payments? FedNow Service, the new payment rail developed by the US Federal Reserve Bank, enables businesses and individuals to send and receive money almost immediately.

FedNow provides the bridge that banks, financial institutions, businesses, and customers need to access modern real-time payment (RTP) options. However, if the bridge isn’t built sustainably or is poorly designed, it can lead to disaster. That’s why banks must prioritize investing in the right RTP technology to build secure FedNow connections. Our new eBook, Accelerate Transactions, Not Fraud Risk: A FedNow Handbook, outlines how financial institutions can tap into FedNow’s potential use cases and mitigate risks.

Download the eBook to learn:

  • important lessons on launching real-time payment systems from other markets
  • different types of fraud risks associated with real-time payments
  • key regulatory and technical considerations for a real-time payments environment

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