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Asia-Pacific Banks Under Attack: Stop Scams Like the UK Did

1 in 5 Australians & Singaporeans Fall Victim to Scams; Can Your Bank Protect Its Customers?

Are soaring scam losses plaguing your APAC bank? UK banks saw their fraud losses decline. Join our experts to unlock the UK’s scam-fighting secrets and shield your customers!

Last year, 18% of Australians suffered shopping scams, and 18% of Singaporeans were victims of employment scams. Yet, UK banks saw authorized fraud losses fall by 17% – a trend that is capturing interest from fraud-fighting teams globally.

Learn from the UK! Their innovative approach is discussed in detail in our webinar. We’ll reveal their methods and equip you with:

  • Proven scam measurement & classification techniques
  • Best practices for early detection & prevention
  • Actionable insights into the evolving APAC scam landscape
  • Exclusive GASA survey data on victim reporting & trends

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