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Augmenting Your Existing AML System with AI

Anti-money laundering (AML) teams spend countless hours manually reviewing and dispositioning  large volumes of alerts fraught with false positives or maintaining clunky, rules-based legacy systems. It’s an inefficient use of resources that are already spread thin from being pulled in multiple directions. Whatsmore, legacy rules-based systems do little to prepare an organization for new money-laundering typologies or industry disruptions.

Yet, the hurdles to implementing new transaction monitoring systems and AML platforms post an insurmountable burden for many FIs. The good news is FIs don’t need to get rid of legacy systems; they can augment them with machine learning to see benefits.  

Watch now to learn how to:

  • increase operational capacity and reduce time spent investigating non-productive alerts while freeing up time to spend on valuable alerts
  • reduce maintenance overload by automating AML with intelligent, explainable artificial intelligence
  • keep FIs relevant and prepared for both opportunities and disruption
  • augment legacy systems to include system integration, workflow updates, and ensure data integrity

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