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Best Practices for Utilizing AI in a Multi-rail Instant Payment World


The global opportunity for real time payments in a multi-rail world is accelerating. Challenger banks are building new digital products from the ground up with infrastructures built for scale and frictionless customer experiences. To keep up, Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks are implementing digital transformation initiatives and modernizing their infrastructures to meet the growing needs for mobile and digital-first banking while strengthening their security across multiple channels and faster payment alternatives.

As banks adapt to a multi-rail world, they need to ensure they futureproof their infrastructure with advanced machine learning to minimize risk while maximizing growth.

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  • Why it is important for payments and fraud solutions to be in lock-step when modernizing technology stacks for speed and scale
  • Common pitfalls banks face when bringing in AI solutions for their payments and fraud needs
  • How to evaluate vendors to ensure their fraud stack meets the needs of today’s digital product requirements as well as tomorrow’s use cases including account opening, transaction scoring and anti-money laundering
  • Key considerations for building an in-house machine learning solution vs. working with a partner
  • How to harness data across business lines to decrease risk throughout the enterprise

Featured speakers:

ModeratorDanielle GotkisVP of MarketingFeedzai

Daniel GreillerVP of Sales EMEAFeedzai

Rivka Gewirtz LittleResearch DirectorIDC

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