Combatting APP Fraud: How to Build a Best-in-Class Fraud Prevention Solution

A New Approach to a £460M 
APP Fraud Epidemic

With payments capable of moving in seconds and fraudsters continuously evolving their tactics, it’s never been harder for banks to manage their fraud risk. Banks need a collaborative approach to fraud prevention, especially when new liability rules go into effect.

Losses from authorised push payment (APP) fraud reached £460M in 2023, according to figures from UK Finance. These staggering APP losses are why the UK plans to implement new rules to protect APP fraud victims, including a requirement to split liability 50-50 between sending and receiving banks.
Form3’s APP Fraud Solution merges its account-to-account payment processing capabilities with Feedzai’s fraud and financial analytics to quickly identify risk and prevent fraudulent payments from reaching fraudsters. Download our new report, Combatting APP Fraud: How to build a best-in-class fraud prevention solution to learn how Form3’s solution delivers:

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  • Network-level Data: Launch targeted investigations while supporting customers without being invasive.
  • Collaborative Intelligence: Access a wide pool of industry network insights to spot developing trends and risks across multiple financial institutions.
  • Inbound and Outbound Payment Monitoring: Identify suspicious payments by reviewing receiving accounts and gain a holistic view of fraud risk.

Learn how to build a best-in-class fraud prevention solution.
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