Catch the Money Mules to Stop Fraud and Financial Crime

Why Stopping Money Mules is Critical to Stopping Financial Crime

While they might seem like small players in the overall fraud landscape, money mules are critical actors that ultimately deliver stolen funds to criminals.

Halting money mule activity is a crucial step in the fight against fraud. In other words, if banks can stop the money mules, they will stop the fraud.

Unfortunately, the money mule threat appears to be growing worse. A recent survey found two-thirds of US and UK respondents had been approached about being a money mule. Our new eBook, Catch the Money Mules, Stop the Fraud, provides a deep dive into the important role of money mules in facilitating financial crime and how banks can use inbound payment monitoring to stop mules.

Download the eBook to learn:

  • the human impact of money mules
  • how money mules fit into the fraud and financial crime lifecycle
  • the role of inbound payment monitoring in fighting money mules
  • the unintended consequences of inbound payment monitoring for legitimate customers

Download the eBook!

Download the eBook!

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