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Digital Wallet Disruption

There is no doubt that we are experiencing a boom in digital wallet innovation. Customer behaviors in retail are becoming increasingly mobile-first and value-added services are unlocking new capabilities for the wallet experience.

In this discussion, find out how to prepare for digital wallet disruption in a mobile-led era.

The panel discusses:

  • Exploring the evolving payments ecosystem: how to navigate changing customer behaviors before and after COVID-19
  • Fast, convenient, integrated: how are digital wallets filling the gap in today’s customer expectations?
  • Digging into the practicalities of slicker and faster payments: protecting customers while delivering a seamless experience
  • How do fraud prevention and financial crime techniques need to differ to better protect digital wallets?
  • From digital currencies to loyalty schemes: how might digital wallets evolve to strengthen offerings?
  • BigTech, Superapp, Neobank, digital wallet, Incumbent: who will triumph in this new era of mobile banking?
  • The move towards platformication: what partnerships and consolidation could we see moving forward

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