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Financial Crime Report Q2 2021 Webinar

Feedzai Financial Crime Report Q2 2021: The Dollar Takes Flight – based on over 12 billion exclusive transactions – reveals how consumers – and fraudsters – are changing their financial  habits as they prepare for post-pandemic life.  

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. In this engaging webinar, Financial Crime Report Q2 2021, our panel unpacks additional findings from the report, including:

  • 159% increase in fraud attacks across all banking channels – online, telephone, and branch
  • The move to cashless society and what that means for Fraud and AML teams
  • Which mobile devices – Android or iOS – proved more vulnerable to fraud
  • Top scams that pose the greatest threats to banks and consumers
  • How cash fared during the pandemic 

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Featured speakers:

Rob RendellVP of Payments SolutionsFeedzai

Poonam AngneData ScientistFeedzai

Indigo WilmannSr. Global Content Marketing ManagerFeedzai

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