Forrester’s NowTech: Enterprise Fraud Management, Q1 2021

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Why read this report

Forrester, a leading global market research company, recently released their much anticipated NowTech: Enterprise Fraud Management, Q1 2021 report. Feedzai is thrilled to provide you access to this report.

Download the EFM report to gain:

  • An overview of 37 enterprise fraud management (EFM) vendors
  • Unbiased recommendations on how to select a vendor based on the vendor’s domain and
 geography specific solution capabilities
  • Insights on vendors ability to combat fraud and provide a seamless customer experience

Forrester’s 2021 Vendor Selection Recommendations


How Feedzai Helps

Detect and prevent fraud while  minimizing customer friction in real-time

Feedzai provides the only single platform with omnichannel capabilities to manage financial risk, allowing Financial Institutions to:


Monitor customer and account activity across multiple channels (ATM, mobile banking, online banking, etc)


Detect cross-channel attacks in real-time


Use a single Case Manager across all customer channels to investigate alerts and create cases

Productized and proven machine learning models across verticals and geographies

The world’s largest banks, fintechs, merchants, and payment processors choose and trust Feedzai.


Geographic specific solutions scale with our clients as they grow their businesses across the globe


Best-of-Breed algorithms (Random Forest, Deep Learning, OpenML), in addition to  a rules-based risk scoring engine, analyze large datasets in milliseconds, offering real-time decision making capabilities


Feedzai Solutions (native cloud, SaaS) offers ready-to-use, transparent models at a fraction of traditional deployment times

Explainable and extendable models

Feedzai Whitebox Explanations couples each event scored by the system with a list of human readable explanations; Feedzai Bias Audit Reports help data scientists conduct regular AI audits for bias and fairness.


Genome, Feedzai’s visual link analysis tool, leverages omnidata ingestion to produce high quality alerts, surfaces hidden fraud, and ensures the right investigator is focusing on the right reviews


Feedzai’s OpenML Engine allows in-house teams to bring 3rd party models trained on Python, Java, H2O, etc to the Feedzai platform, leveraging its use-case specific features and rules to fight new and evolving financial crime

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